Patient Participation Group




Action Plan 2021

Promoting Health and Well-being through self-care for better patient outcomes and better use of NHS resources, while reflecting patient community views to the Practice


PPG Garden


A bit of history 

The patient participation group (PPG) has been an integral part of most GP surgeries in the UK for many years. Originally established to voice patient community views to their practices, PPGs have been evolving nationally in various formats according to local needs. In 2019 our three PPGs came together to form a PPG alliance with the declared joint aim of “promoting health and well being through patient self care for better patient outcomes and better use of NHS resources, while reflecting patient community views to the practice”


What’s been happening lately

Understandably, the COVID pandemic curtailed most PPG activities in 2020 and 2021. Fortunately, our Sutton based PPG volunteers kept themselves busy supporting social prescribing by establishing their “Chatterbox” social contact group to phone or safe doorstep isolated or otherwise lonely patients. They also created their kitchen and sensory gardens for referred patients to get out and about, and latterly revived their healthy living group sessions programme. 


Getting going all over

Any patients wishing to get involved in doing so in their villages are encouraged to contact the PPG leaders via our contact form.


Engage with FGP partners over shaping the practice post Covid19, and…

  • Partners' priorities for PPG
  • Managing patient expectations

Support Social Prescribing

  • Maintain Kitchen and Sensory Gardens
  • Develop “Chatterbox” (Social Contact Group)
  • Resume Exercise classes
  • Renew focus on patients with learning disabilities
  • Look into PCC breakfast club / repair shop initiative


  • Help develop social prescribing for Wimblington, Doddington & Manea surgeries' patients
  • Integrate activities with Sutton Time Bank


Campaign for Better Health

  • Resume “Healthy Living” Group Sessions
  • Start “Healthy Mum + Baby” programme
  • Develop engagement with younger people
    • eg., Scout and Air Cadet groups


  • Support development of new website
  • Rationalise Facebook pages

PPG Garden

PPG Garden

PPG Garden

PPG Garden