How to Request a Home Visit




Except in emergencies, please telephone before 11am to request a home visit. 

Visits generally happen between 12 and 2.30pm.

It is very helpful for the doctors in planning their visits if you can give brief details of your illness to the receptionist.

We may contact you prior to visiting to discuss the request, especially if the home visit request is made after 11am. Please ensure we are able to contact you, or the person requesting the home visit (sometimes a relative/ neighbour) to discuss your request.

image depicting Home Visits

Our GP's and Advance Nurse Practitioner attend home visits. We may also, having triaged and assessed your problem, be able to offer an alternative health care provider to attend the home visit such as JET (Joint Emergency Team) or the District Nursing team. We will advise you of this if we have requested their attendance.

On the whole visits are requested appropriately for genuinely housebound patients. We are unable to provide a home visiting service for reasons other than genuine medical need. The time taken for a home visit can be the same as seeing up to 6 patients in the surgery and we have tests and facilities to further assess and treat your medical problem if needed at hand in the surgery.

If whilst waiting for a clinician to attend the medical condition deteriorates please take the appropriate action which might include calling 111 or 999. If your/ the patients condition requires emergency assessment please call 999.