Combined flu and covid vaccination programme




We will be starting to send out our invitations this week for our combined flu and covid vaccination programme.

We will be running the vaccine centre from our Rainbow branch this time rather than Doddington Hospital.

Further details about our Rainbow branch

We will be sending out invitations in stages

Please don’t worry we have more than enough vaccines for everyone, but please do wait until you have had your invite before contacting us to book.

Whilst everyone over 50 is entitled to a flu and covid vaccination, unless you are in an at risk group we are not allowed to give you a vaccine until after 15th October.

Flu vaccination

Our first 2 clinics will be 1st and 8th October, we will be sending out text messages with a link for you to book or if we do not have a mobile phone for you we will be sending letters asking you to contact us.

Whilst we are going to be doing co-administration for flu and covid in the clinics – if you only want a covid vaccine or if you only want a flu vaccine (for whatever reason) please book the appointment.


To begin with we will not be doing walk in clinics, therefore please do not attend unless you have an appointment.

Published: Aug 23, 2022